It’s 2029. Several geniuses from all over the world have teamed up and created a unique product called "FeeNetwork", the goal of which was to unite all spheres of human activity and enclose into Blockchain. They’ve succeeded and after a few years all the money transactions, personal data, websites - were stored and transmitted through one common network - “FeeNetwork”. But not all governments and corporations enjoyed the change, since bribes, money laundering and tax evasion were now impossible.

One of the corporate giants "Wooble" began to incur huge losses immediately after the launch of the FeeNetwork, decided to seize network and get back in power. Wooble found a small mistake in the FeeNetwork’s code which allowed to destroy the whole blockchain. In order to do that though, you had to control a large percentage of the network.

Wooble has created a botnet “ARP”. It’s mission was to conquer other servers, computers, tablets even smartphones of all the people in the world, in order to destroy FeeNetwork.

Founders of “FeeNetwork” have noticed their mistake, but couldn’t mend it in time, because they weren’t controlling their network anymore. Luckily, there were white hat hackers, that liked FeeNetwork and the idea of an open society. They’ve decided to save the network and began hacking servers and other assets that Wooble took over to get to the 51% first. That way they could patch FeeNetwork and save the whole network.

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